Chile Advances Bill to Ban Online Gambling Ads in Sports Club

Chile Advances Bill to Ban Online Gambling Ads in Sports Club

The Chilean Chamber of Deputies’ Sports Committee approved and forwarded the bill that aims to restrict the showcase of advertising of online gambling companies in sports clubs and sporting events, both in person and on broadcast, on radio, television and digital streaming. The bill will now move to the Chamber for further approval.

During the session organized on Tuesday, the committee designated Deputy Marco Sulantay, the bill’s author, as the bill’s whistle-blower, i.e., he will be in command of submitting the approved text in front of the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.

In a Yogonet interview, Sulantay ascribed that the text will be presented “probably within a month” to the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies. Then, he conveyed that there would be “a general discussion” of the text, and the remaining lawmakers “will be able to give some suggestions” to propose some changes and then it would be voted on and, ultimately, sent to the Senate.

He was pleased with the approved text as it “basically fulfills the spirit of the project, which has to do with contributing to the transparency of sports activities, with an emphasis on soccer.”

Concerning this, the deputy of the Independent Democratic Union party disputed that sports organizations “should not have a relationship” with online sportsbooks as their profits “depend on the results of their clients, with whom they sign advertising contracts.”

Sulantay also emphasized the significance of the fines suggested by the text, put in between 500 and 2,000 UTM Monthly Tax Unit, fixed at 59,595 Chilean pesos, almost $60 – “They are important because sometimes the laws are very good, but because the fines are low, sometimes it is more convenient for the companies to pay the fines,” he informed. 

In favour, the congressman restated that he is not against the permission of a regulatory framework for the online gambling industry in his nation but that he still conflicts with such firms having commercial ties with sports alliances.

He added that the betting companies that might be legalized in Chile could “advertise in the media with some restrictions, such as appearing in the written media, “as long as they do not appear in a sports section.”

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