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Fortune Coins Casino Review 2023 – Get Real Cash Prizes

Fortune Coins casino is a sweeping casino that is now available to individuals in both the United States and Canada. Sweepstakes casinos and virtual casinos are currently flourishing in North America because they allow you to play actual casino-style games online for free. Unlike traditional real cash casinos, which are currently only permitted in a few jurisdictions, sweepstakes sites are generally available nationwide. 

In reality, you may engage at sweepstakes casinos throughout 49 states across the United States, with Washington being the one exception. Fortune Coins casino provides the same incentives and offers to all members, so no special bonus codes or promo codes are required.

It is pretty simple to register here on the Fortune Casino website. The entire procedure takes about a moment or two, and you’ll earn the Gold Coins as well as Fortune Coins straight away simply for signing up. To begin, select the Join Now button. You’ll be given the choice of manually entering your information or signing up using your Facebook account. 

The latter is a terrific way to stay up to speed on the newest Facebook promotions. If you do not want to connect your Facebook and Fortune Coins accounts, enter your password and email address, check the checkboxes to agree to the terms and conditions, and create an account. You’ll earn 140,000 GC and 300 FC right away, in addition to your everyday fortune coins casino login reward of 30,000 GC and 100 FC.

Fortune coins casino software

Fortune Coins’ platform is whimsical and bright, and the software mimics the appeal of the games. Nevertheless, it is also beautifully designed: navigation is straightforward, and the site explains how well the sweepstakes model would work and how to obtain more coins.

The gaming menu is organised straightforwardly, with different sections for Slots, Fish Games, and others – all of which we’ll review in detail below. There’s also a search option, which is convenient. At the top of the screen, you may flip between Gold Coin mode and Fortune Coins mode, as well as view your balance for each.

You may use the Coin Shop to view both of the free incentives you are qualified to claim, as well as the various Gold Coin buying alternatives. The transaction process is simple, and your new coins are instantly accessible. The same is true for refunds, which you may obtain by clicking the button on the main menu. Fortune Coins casino app is designed for mobile access, despite the lack of a smartphone app.


Games at fortune coins casino app

Fortune Coins offers a limited yet broad selection of games. Many fortune coin sweep casinos choose to focus almost entirely on one sort of game (typically slots), so it’s lovely to see Fortune Coins branching out to incorporate different genres. 

Fortune Coins also boasts a good assortment of jackpots, which helps them stand out in social casinos. Every game allows one to win a jackpot in both GC and FC modes. You may play every game available at Fortune Coins for either GC or FC, as we’ve already said. If you earn additional Fortune Coins, you may exchange them for cash.

Slots at fortune coins casino

Gold Fortune casino slots free Coins’ menu is dominated by slots, with over 30 games. The games reflect the site’s basic design: colourful, entertaining, and straightforward. The slots typically have three to five reels and a range of intriguing themes. Fortune Coins specialises in horror and fantasy, and it’s a lot of fun to look through the varied alien designs.

Before the game begins, an information page appears when users click on a slot. It’s a great touch that adds more flavour to the experience. Limits vary each game, but you may usually start spinning with as low as FC30. Fortune Coins offers four progressive jackpots for each play: Mini, Grand, Super, and Fortune. 

These are active both in GC and FC mode, and you can see them progressively rise within four counters at the top of the screen. The game occurs at the ocean’s bottom, and you must catch numerous exotic aquatic animals by firing guns at them while they wander around the screen. Your shot costs some cash, and hitting your target earns you more.

Payment Options for Fortune Coins

Even though you can never acquire Fortune Coins, you can pay for more Gold Coins. Upon doing so, you will receive extra FC as a bonus reward in addition to your GC. The cost of a gift certificate ranges from $5 to $300. Before you can buy GC, you must first create the profile by supplying Fortune Coins with private details such as your username, birth date and address.

How to Redeem Fortune Coins Cash Prizes

Fortune Coins cannot be bought, and they have no monetary worth. But your FC victories can be converted for cash prizes, and we’ll walk you through the process. First, you must bet with just about any Fortune Coins users get once before they are redeemable – effectively, 1x wagering restrictions prevent you from quickly redeeming coins whenever you receive them for free.

Customer Service for Fortune Coins

Social and sweepstakes casinos are sweeping the United States. The concept allows you to play actual casino-style games for free in 49 multiple states, and you may win real cash rewards in the process.

Yet it is also a wild new world for many individuals, and effective customer service is critical to welcoming fresh players to a sweepstakes site and assisting them in understanding how it works.

Fortune Coins does an excellent job doing this. There is a comprehensive help area with several articles and Questions separated into subcategories. They go through everything from GC and FC to the redemption procedure.

You can also contact Fortune Coins directly by selecting the Contact US button in the bottom right corner of the site. You’ll be shown several suggested articles before even being given a choice to contact Fortune Coins. The Fortune Coins Facebook group is also quite active and a great source of information and news.

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Fortune Coins, on the other hand, is a sweepstakes casino, which isn’t the same as your typical online casino. Customers play using sweep coins at sweepstake casinos like Fortune Coins, which may subsequently be converted to actual cash rewards. This means that you will earn sweep coins for these bonuses, and if you allow them to build up enough, you will be able to receive cold, hard cash.

Fortune Cons mainly offers slots, and it is straightforward to play. It contains basic directions and gameplay that make it quick and easy to complete. If it seems too simple, check out their website to see how they’ve countered it with excellent colour and beautiful cartoon elements.

Fortune Coins is not very difficult, and it works on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. It may be more difficult to join up with such a casino. This is a closed beta casino, meaning only a few individuals can play.


1. What Exactly is Fortune Coins casino?

Fortune Coins is an online sweepstakes casino where you can play free games. You may play for Gold Coins or rare Fortune Coins that you can get as a free bonus. You may also exchange won Fortune Coins for cash.

2. Is it legal to buy Fortune Coins in the United States?

Yes. Fortune Coins is entirely legal and is accessible in 49 US states, except for Washington as well as Canada.

3. Is there live chat customer service at Fortune Coins?

No. You may email Fortune Coins’ customer service instead.

4. Could I enjoy Fortune Coins on my mobile device?

Yes. Despite lacking a mobile app, Fortune Coins’ platform has been thoroughly designed for mobile use.

5. Can I buy Fortune Coins?

No. Fortune Coins are only available as part of a complimentary bonus.

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