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Blackjack Switch by Playtech is an online blackjack table that responds to a long-standing request from players. The capacity to trade cards and work together to increase chances of success! You are the only player at the table because it uses an RNG. It features a lot of great animations to give you an immersive feeling. 

The RTP for this blackjack table, assuming perfect play, is 99.92% because of the switch rule. The dealer must hit a soft 17. The rules also provide an insurance bet and permit the computer to peek at its cards to check for Blackjack.

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What is Blackjack switch by Playtech?

Blackjack switch by Playtech is a game of hope and chance. It offers all the steadiness you want in a traditional game with the flexibility to switch “partners” when it’s convenient for you and allows you to play a little bit more ad hoc. However, after playing this Blackjack Switch game, even the biggest Blackjack lover will find it difficult to return to the traditional game.

You may play Blackjack Switch, a special game variation, on various casino websites powered by Playtech.

Geoff Hall, a dedicated player, initially created it. The maximum and minimum bets are $500 and $1, respectively.

First things first, Blackjack Switch follows the same basic rules as Blackjack. Playtech’s standard rules have only a few minor adjustments, yet they are sufficient to drastically alter the game.

The gaming experience in Blackjack switch would be the best. Because they have a great visual and gaming style. There you will get an undeniable bonus and free spins which makes your gaming experience even more interesting and fun. Blackjack switch also have a good payout percentage, this pulls a lot of players into this. Many players shared their gaming experience and reviews about Blackjack switch in many reviews which is an added point to their gaming platform. We feel Blackjack Switch by Playtech is an amazing game with a lot to offer to its players.

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Blackjack Type
Blackjack Switch
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Card hand switch
Yes - 2 hands

Blackjack switch by Playtech

Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack switch:

You can play Blackjack Switch on many best online casinos. Below are the best online casinos available to play Blackjack Switch with great visuals and bonuses.

Casinos Payout Percentage Payout Timing No of Games
Bitstarz 95% 1-2 days 3500 games
888 casino 97.46% 1-3 days 1000
Mr. Green Casino 96.03% 3 days 800+
Leo Vegas Casino 97.63% 3 days 1600+
WinSpinBet 100+

Among all these casinos, we can’t let go of the wonderful casino WinSpinBet. There is a reason to talk a bit more elaborately about Winspinbet. As this online casino is a safe haven for a gambler. With amazing graphics and and exceptional sound design, it also offers a $500 free signup bonus. What? Too good to be true? Check out yourself here.

Features of Blackjack switch by Playtech:

In our Blackjack switch review, we are listing the distinct features of Blackjack switch. These features make it a go-to choice for blackjack lovers.

  • The most intriguing aspect of Playtech’s Blackjack Flip is the option to switch cards between your two hands. If you choose this option, your chances of winning should increase using a sound basic approach.
  • The Blackjack Switch game includes a variety of customization choices, so you can play it however you like. 
  • You have the option of playing this game in full-screen or windowed mode. You will be able to view your betting and moving options clearly in any case. Another element of the game that may be customized is its speed. You only need to turn on the Fast Play feature to accomplish this.
  • Another very useful feature that this game gives is the ability to control the background music and game sounds.
  • The only side bet available in this blackjack switch is Super Match. You win if two or more of your first cards have the same value. In some combinations, it offers substantial payouts. 
  • But before you succeed in this wager, you can lose several times. Because of this, you are opting to bet in this manner raises the risk and volatility.


  • Top-notch animations
  • Switching cards between hands feel amazing
  • Super high RTP
  • Multi-deck Card Counting
  • Gambling Discipline
  • No massive short-term swings 


  • All big wins are attached to side bets
  • Blackjack pays 1:1


What are the Rules and Payouts in Blackjack Switch by Playtech?

Before making your mind about whether this game is worth your time or not, you need to make sure that its RTPs and Payouts are something that goes with your appetite. Here in this Blackjack switch review we are listing the Rules, payouts and RTPs of Blackjack switch. Give it a thorough read and decide yourself if it suits your style of play.


  • Six or eight decks of cards are typically used.
  • The dealer must hit a soft 17.
  • Any two cards can be doubled down.
  • Any two cards of the same rank may be split.
  • After pair slitting, doubling is permitted.
  • dividing into four pieces.
  • The dealer will peek for blackjack with an ace or ten as their upcard.
  • When the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, the player may place the insurance bet.
  • If a player chooses to play blackjack instead of regular 21, they will still receive a 3 bonus


Regarding RTP, this is among the top online blackjack games. It would help if you didn’t have to worry about your bankroll running out too quickly, with a good percentage of 99.87%.


The RTP will be impacted if you choose the side bet. For example, if you obtain four of a type, you will win 40 to 1 with this option, but there’s also a chance you’ll play it several times without succeeding. 


You must take a chance with Super Match if you want to win anything from Blackjack Switch. Since switching is an option, Blackjack wins only pay 1:1 because they are much more likely to occur. While Insurance defies the norm and continues to pay 2:1, Standard victories also pay 1:1. Given the poor chances, playing Insurance is not something we would advise. Taking a chance for a larger payoff could be worthwhile, but not for a 2:1 award.

Blackjack switch by Playtech


This was our review of Blackjack switch. We conclude that the gameplay of Blackjack Switch is fantastic. Sometimes it feels like cheating to switch your cards. Playtech had to impose as many restrictions on bettors as possible. The game’s focus should always be Blackjack, not some haphazard side wager. These are minor grievances, though. Blackjack enthusiasts must try this game out.