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Looking for an objective review of European Roulette? Our in-depth European Roulette review covers everything from odds to payouts. So, dive in to know more.

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Roulette is a game that allows you to win a big amount of money in a very short period. You can make a fortune by winning it. It has been available in online casinos for many years and has become popular day by day. In this European Roulette review, we’ll peel off the layers around this Roulette version.

European Roulette is fun and fundable at the same time. Even if you are new to the world of casinos, European Roulette is one of the easy-to-play games. 

Playtech’s Premium European Roulette is an online RNG game. It offers a 97.3% RTP rate and £1 to £500 in betting limits. The game can be played for real money at our recommended online Premium European Roulette casinos and is renowned for its engaging design, unique features, and high RTP.

This European Roulette review gradually picks up the pace, starting with the basics. So, here we go.

What is European Roulette?

Let’s kick off this European Roulette review by addressing what exactly European Roulette is.

European Roulette by Playtech is a really enjoyable game that can be played in many casinos. The only difference between this variant of Roulette and French Roulette is that it contains 37 chambers as opposed to the more traditional, “American” version’s 38.

Even though this difference might seem insignificant, the house edge is cut in half.

What is European Roulette content

Though most players probably find a roulette table scary at first, the game’s core premise is simple to understand: predict which of the 37 chambers the plastic ball will land in. You can also attempt to predict the pot’s overall range, color, or whether an odd or even chamber will be revealed.

Take a seat and start playing this well-known casino game! Make your wagers first. You may place any combination of the following wagers on a single spin:

Ranges: Predict whether the number will fall into the first, second, or third thirds; the upper or lower half of the numbers; or the first, second, or third “column.”

Quadrants or pairs: Place your chips between the numbers to wager on pairs or quadrants of numbers.

Even or odd: Decide if the ball will land on an even or an odd number.

Choose whether you believe the upcoming number will be red or black.

Single digit: Choose the lone digit you believe.

At a Glance :

Bet limits
CA $1.35- CA $675
Game Type
Single Zero
Called Bets
Saved Bets
CA $675 +10% Bonus
Maximum Win
CA $13503.45

Best Online Casino to play European Roulette:

This European Roulette review also talks about the best casinos to play European Roulette online. We recommend WinSpinBet particularly. The interface, sound design and perks make this casino stand out from the rest.

Casino Payout Percentage Payout Timing No of Games
Betway Casino 97.32% 1-2 days 1700+
Ruby Fortune Casino 97.24% 2 days 300+
32 Red Casino 97.03% 2 days 350+
Mega Moolah Casino 95.75% 2 days 300+
Winspinbet Casino 200+

Features of European Roulette:

Features of European Roulette

Do you think we’ll write a European Roulette review without incorporating its features? Here are some cool features of European Roulette.

  • The RTP is better for players with just one green zero in premium European Roulette. It is coming in at a pleasant 97.3%, far higher than American Roulette.
  • They have a wonderful variation of games added to the standard roulette games. Like, the usual 36 red and black pockets are there, along with a racetrack for Tier, Orphelins, and Voisins du Zero wagers.
  • Along with the traditional low-risk 1 – 18 / 19 – 36, Red / Black, and Even / Odd bets, you can also place straight-up, split, street, line, dozen, and column bets.
  • A helpful pop-up notification will appear when you hover your mouse over a bet location on the table.
  • In the screen area, you may also discover the table for your favourite four and final bets.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, there will be a history grid, and in the lower right, there is a black/red % stat metre.
  • The style and feel of the game can also be customized.
  • You may easily alter the table’s colour, the wheel’s direction of rotation, and the camera angle to create the most pleasurable experience with just one simple click.


  • Best Intuitive interface
  • Has called bets
  • European Roulette also has saved bets.
  • High-quality graphics
  • Has High RTP


  • It is not the best-suited place for High Rollers.
  • It is not widespread.

Rules and Payouts and RTP:

This part of the European Roulette review talks about the rules, payouts and RTP of the game. European Roulette is easy to play and still has some rules to follow. Learn more about the rules, Payout percentage and the RTP of the games before jumping into it.

Rules and Payouts and RTP


  • The betting process is quite simple when playing European Roulette online, as one will discover. The player must place their chips on the selected wager and then click “Spin.”
  • After the betting round is over, the player must decide whether to continue playing (Rebet button) or end the game (Clear Bets button).

The way bets are placed at physical casinos is as follows.

  • Usually, there are four casino employees at the roulette table. As the bets are handled, and the ball is spun on the roulette wheel, two of them are referred to as croupiers.
  • “Table-end” (“bout de table”) and “game supervisor” (“chef de partie”), the other two casino staff members, are responsible for making sure the game works successfully.
  • The kind of wagers we will discuss later in this essay are now permitted for players to place. The roulette ball is then placed for a spin by the croupier.
  • The croupier will shout, “No more bets,” as soon as the ball has approximately two more revolutions left. There you should stop.


Now comes the best part of the European Roulette review, Payouts. Similar to other roulette variations, Premium European Roulette offers a 35:1 payout ratio for Straight wagers. The Street bet pays 11:1, followed by the Split bet, which has a payoff of 17:1.

The lowest wager is £1, and the maximum bets for Straight, Red/Black and Even/Odd are £25 and £500, respectively.

We advise you to review the list of supported bets as soon as the game is launched because you can do so at any point in-game. Remember that most of the top-rated roulette casinos in the UK also offer this variant.


This game is played using the normal European roulette rules, just like Premier Roulette. Given that there is just one green zero pocket, this indicates that the RTP is relatively high. The rest of the game is exactly what you would anticipate from a typical roulette game.

Any standard inside and outside wager is provided, plus a unique racetrack offers every conceivable call and neighbour wager. In the game, final wagers are available through a different menu in the lower right.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

No game is whole individually. So every game has pros and cons, and European Roulette is no exception. Here in this part of the European Roulette review, we will see the Advantages and Disadvantages of the game.

European Roulette, A standard-setter in the genre, Playtech is a nearly ideal roulette game. When it comes to traditional Roulette, there is virtually nothing more to ask for. The game has been meticulously refined in every way.


By now, we hope through this European Roulette review; you are clear with the game and how you can make big with it. We can state with confidence that taking part in the Premium European Roulette game is a fun and rewarding experience.

This well-known roulette variant has outstanding graphics and an easy-to-use layout and is fully optimized to run without lag on all devices.

Numerous high-stakes online casinos in Canada offer the game. Anyone who wants to play classic Roulette with gorgeous images will be drawn to the simple rules uncomplicated by bells and whistles.

We suggest you head to WinSpinBet casino to really experience this game to the fullest. They are offering a signup bonus of CA $500 without any deposit, So it’s a win-win situation.

Happy Gambling!!


What Premium European Roulette wager is the best?

As we said in our review of Premium European Roulette, Playtech’s top-notch software makes placing your initial few wagers simple. You begin by selecting a chip size before selecting one of the bet types offered in the specific region. The simplest wager is a Straight Up, which involves picking one number from a pool of 36 options.

What does Premium European Roulette RTP stand for?

Premium European Roulette has an RTP of 97.03%, which is high for this game type. This eventually means that you have a good possibility of recovering the money you bet on the game. One of the main criteria you should look for in a game is a high RTP %. For more information read out the European Roulette review.

Which online casinos offer the finest Premium European Roulette games?

The best online casinos for Premium European Roulette have been found after a thorough search for gambling establishments that provide this gorgeous Playtech game. Look at the list provided in the European Roulette review and take advantage of the game’s various benefits.

What roulette number has the highest frequency of hits?

Numerous websites maintain data suggesting that specific “hot numbers” occur more frequently. The Premium European Roulette rules lead us to believe that the game doesn’t give a damn about statistics. You should know that casino game software is objective and always generates an independent outcome of the prior round.

How is Premium European Roulette played?

Learning the fundamentals of playing the Premium European Roulette game only requires a little work. You must first choose the kind of chip you wish to bet with the aid of a mouse or touch screen.

Second, you “put” the chip wherever in the betting area, and if your prediction is true, you get compensated. To get better on how’s of play, we recommend you to read the European Roulette review.

Does European Roulette have better odds?

In addition to giving you superior chances, European Roulette delivers a similarly spectacular and entertaining gambling experience to that of American Roulette. If this is your first time playing the game, be sure to start by looking for the European version and honing your abilities there.

How does European roulette work?

Place the same wager once more if you win. Place twice the amount lost on the same bet after losing the first time or on the first spin. If you lose on the next spin, double your bet again and place the same wager you did before.

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