Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution Review

Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution Review
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Speed Blackjack is the latest and the fastest game in the Speed series of Blackjack. If you stumble about the rules to play this new speed blackjack, you are wasting your time unnecessarily.

The game’s rules are the same as in conventional Blackjack, but one significant variation is the dealing order regarding the player’s choice. The rules may be the same, but not everything is on the list. If you are already a blackjack lover, trying something new will take no time.

Let’s dive into this Speed Blackjack live review to learn about the Speed blackjack game in the blackjack series. Learn about the similarities and differences, features, payouts, and RTP.

What is Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution?

Evolution’s Speed Blackjack Live review discusses rules that are same as those for its standard Live Blackjack, with one important exception: the dealing order when it comes time for you to choose.

The first two cards will be given to you in the new Speed version.

When I started to play, I was instantly given the option to Hit, Double Down, or Split after the initial two cards.

So, the first player was instantly given the option to Hit. Then, the next card will be given to the person who makes the decision quickly.

Until all decisions have been made by players and all necessary additional cards have been dealt with, this dealing pattern will continue.

Speed Blackjack plays about 30–40% more quickly than our regular Live Blackjack game. As a player, it feels incredibly fantastic because it’s the same game you know and love, but you have more control and have to wait much less.

At a Glance :

Blackjack Type
Speed Blackjack
Special Feature
Dealer Stands on all 17
Bet range
€15 - €1,500
Max win
Side bets
Streaming from

Best Casino to play Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution:

In this Speed Blackjack Live review, I have listed down all the best online casinos where you can play Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution. Know about the best Casino and their payout options to play the Speed Blackjack game.

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Casino Payout Percentage Payout Timing Number of Games
Ruby Fortune Casino 97.43% 1-2 days 650+
888 Casino 96.26% 0-2 days 1000+
Betway Casino 97.51% 1-2 days 400+
Red Dog Casino $150 – $2500 5 days 304+
Winspinbet Casino

Features of Speed Blackjack by Evolution

Features of Speed Blackjack by Evolution:

While writing this Speed Blackjack Live review, I was little curious about the features in the speed blackjack. I’m sharing my experience with you about the features of speed blackjack.

  • They reduced the betting time by 7 seconds to speed up games.
  • Faster players are dealt with first.
  • The decision timer will begin following the distribution of the first two cards.
  • This is made 30% faster than standard Blackjack.
  • One seat per player
  • If you time out, Auto Hit on hands worth 11 or less.
  • Auto Stand on hands worth 12 or more
  • The RTP for side bets is 99.29%, the same as for standard Blackjack, and it is Side Bets RTP is 95.90 % for Perfect Pairs and 96.20% for 21+3


  • If you time out, Auto Hit on hands worth 11 or less
  • Auto Stand on hands worth 12 or more
  • The RTP for side bets is 99.29%
  • Faster players are dealt with first
  • 30% faster than Live Blackjack.


  • Not all players will enjoy the fast-paced action
  • Autoplay may finish your call if you don’t react in time
  • Table activity might befuddle new players


Rules,Payout and RTP of Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution:

The blackjack series follows the same rules as the other blackjack series. If you are already familiar with the blackjack game, then speed Blackjack will be the walk on the cake for you.

But still, rules are not enough to start playing the game, you may also need to know about the payouts and RTP. In this part of Speed Blackjack Live review, Let’s  discuss the rules, payout and RTP.


Yeah, as I already told you, speed blackjack follows the same rules as the blackjack series. But if you are new to the Blackjack game, don’t need to worry. I’ll walk you through all the necessary rules you should know in this Speed Blackjack live review.

  • An 8-deck card game called Speed Blackjack allows up to 7 players to play simultaneously. The dealer receives two cards and peeks for a Blackjack per regular Vegas regulations.
  • The majority of the regulations are similar to those of regular Blackjack.
  • You can divide any pair and double down on the player’s first two cards.
  • You could only obtain one card if you split the Aces. On the other hand, the dealer stands on all soft and hard 17s. Insurance pays 2:1, whereas a natural disaster pays 3:2.
  • The main changes between the standard edition of the game and the quick-paced Evolution version will now be discussed.
  • Speed Blackjack is 30 to 40 per cent faster than normal Blackjack, corresponding to 7 seconds less time for betting and decision-making.
  • The first two cards are dealt as normal, from left to right, in the standard order.
  • New players can hit, stand, double down, or split at the exact moment after the first two cards are dealt.
  • The person who decides first receives their subsequent card first. All of the players follow this trend.
  • Naturally, those who choose to stand will not receive any more cards. However, the game’s math remains the same regardless of the dealing order.
  • There are two new Autoplay features in the game. You will automatically stand if you don’t make your choice in time and have a hand worth more than 12 points.
  • You’ll hit automatically if you don’t decide within the allotted time with a hand total of less than 11.


  • Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • The winning hand is paid 1:1;
  • Perfect Pair is paid 25:1,
  • Coloured Pair is paid 12:1 and
  • Mixed Pair is paid 6:1.


  • When it comes to the house edge for the main wager or the side bets, this game variation is identical to other Blackjack games in Evolution’s library.
  • The predicted return to player (RTP) for the primary hand is 99.29%, and the house edge is 0.71%.
  • Regarding the side bets, the 21+3 wager has a house edge of 3.7% and an RTP of 96.3%, while the Perfect Pairs side bet has a house edge of 4.1% and an RTP of 95.9%.

I hope all your concerns are getting adderessd by this Speed Blackjack Live review. Stay with me to know more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution

Advantages and Disadvantages of Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution

Speed blackjack, as one of the variants of the blackjack series, launched and attracted a lot of players. Even though it is a bit ahead of the former blackjack series and developers rectified the common mistakes that the players in the blackjack games highlighted.

This speed blackjack live review covers the some downsides also, and we’ll discuss it too.

What are the Advantages?

  • The way additional cards are dealt makes all the difference in Speed Blackjack.
  • This game can be ideal for you if you want to play Blackjack but don’t want to wait for your turn. This feature makes it perfect for experienced players who are capable of making quick selections.
  • In terms of additional characteristics, Speed Blackjack is an excellent variation with rules that are advantageous to the player, such as the dealer standing on all 17s and a natural paying 3:2.
  • For players who like to take risks for the opportunity to win larger rewards, a standard set of side bets makes it more alluring.
  • Players have more control when playing Speed Blackjack since they can decide when they’re ready, and whoever acts first receives the following hit card. This only shortens the wait time; it does not affect the game’s calculations.

What are the Disadvantages?

  • Speaking of the drawbacks of using the Evolution product, we must point out that not all players will enjoy the fast-paced action.
  • Newcomers to the blackjack game could take longer to decide, and the activity at the table might befuddle them.
  • Remember that the Autoplay option may finish your movements as specified by the developer if you don’t react in time.

This Speed Blackjack live review covered advantages and disadvantages in a holistic way, you’ll see after reading this Speed Blackjack live review that how authentic this review is.


Speed Blackjack is a fantastic addition to the Evolution catalogue that provides players more influence over the action at the table as the industry’s first.

We anticipate that seasoned gamers who favour playing casino games would find it very popular. However, adhere to the fundamental approach to make the most of your time at the table.

If you still have second thoughts regarding this game, the you can check out other games to make some money. Make sure you give other game reviews a read. Checkout 21 Blackjack review, Double exposure Blackjack or Blackjack switch.

Let’s conclude this Speed Blackjack Live review on a happy note. We covered nearly everything about the Speed Blackjack Live by Evolution game. I hope you have fun playing it.


What is the speed blackjack’s mechanism?

Players have more control when playing Speed Blackjack since they can decide when they’re ready, and whoever acts first receives the following hit card. This only shortens the wait time without changing the game’s calculations.

Is blackjack with a live dealer better?

Most players would agree that live blackjack is significantly more engaging, even though the action is often very similar. After all, you are being dropped into a real casino with real people, so it feels that much more exciting and real.

How do you beat a live blackjack dealer?

The most crucial choice you must make in the greatest live blackjack game available online is whether or not to receive additional cards. Always compare your card values to the dealer’s to avoid wasting a strong hand. Get more cards (hit) at least once more until your value is 17 or higher.

What is Speed Blackjack?

Some live online casinos provide speed blackjack, a 21 version. It functions similarly to other live blackjack tables but has extra tools to speed up play, like auto-decision.

When compared to standard Live Blackjack, how much faster is Speed Blackjack?

The organisation that created this game asserts that tables move at least 30% more quickly than usual. We perceive it as being even faster; thus, it appears that the “basic minimum” they mentioned is 30%. Speed Blackjack tables move through some rounds very fast if players employ the auto-decision options, which most do.