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10 Best Movies About Poker

Movies about betting and gambling have inherent drama because of the risk feature involved. Just imagine a thrilling profession with all the glitz and glamour where a card can change your life forever!

Knowing the popularity of Poker and the huge audience it appeals to, many Hollywood Directors have created masterpieces over time regarding Poker. Want to know what are the best poker movies of all time? We have showcased and ranked the ten best poker movies to improve your viewing pleasure.

Read below and include all these in your “Watch list”!

1. Rounders


A cult classic Poker movie, Rounders has stood the test of time and is arguably the best poker movie you should watch. Mike battles against a Russian mafia in Hold’em poker and loses his entire tuition fees and life savings within minutes.

What will be the outcome of things? We won’t spoil the ending here; you should watch and find out yourself. Rounders is undoubtedly worth the hype and covers aspects beyond poker, such as love, friendship, loyalty, and self-confidence.


The movie is about a young and reformed gambler, Mike McDermott, who dreams about becoming a professional and chancing his luck in Vegas while balancing his relationship with his girlfriend and his commitments to law school.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
7.3541998Crime, Drama

2. Maverick


The award-winning action comedy film ranks #2 in our ten best poker movies, starring industry icons like Mel Gibson as the character Bret Maverick who needed an extra $3000 to enter a gambling tournament and joins forces with Annabella Bransford. The duo leads to many comic, exciting and dangerous situations to get instant funds; the movie keeps a light and relaxed plot.

The movie is a great choice for a light Sunday afternoon, even if you don’t know a thing about Poker.


Bret Maverick, needing funds for gambling, faces dozens of comic mishaps and challenges, including a charming woman thief.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
7621994Action, Adventure, Comedy

3. The Cincinnati Kid


One of the most vintage and classic Poker movies, The Cincinnati Kid still holds the #3 place in the ten best movies about Poker. McQueen plays the character of a young kid who embarks on a journey to prove himself against the pro player Robinson.

Five Card Stud is played with four cards dealt face up, and one dealt face down. The plot is good, it takes to 1930s New Orleans, but from a casino point of view, the games mentioned you hardly play in a casino.

You might think that the movie is old and not worth your time. Give it a watch; the outcomes will surprise you!


The game of choice is the Five Card Stud, a variation that hasn’t gained much traction. A young poker player tries to establish himself in a high-stakes match against a seasoned pro.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre

4. Casino Royale


One of the best Poker movies and an all-time hit, it is as unique as James Bond. The movie plot is inspired by the renowned action novelist Ian Flemming’s novel, Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig, playing the main character James Bond is a fearless, smart, and daring pro gambler. Agent James Bond earns the title 007 and sets off on his first mission after being granted a license to kill. He has to defeat high-rated criminals in high stake gambling contests in a Montenegro casino.

Casino Royale is one of the best poker movies on Netflix. We recommend this movie to new gamblers as you learn the intricate details about land-based casinos and obviously enjoy the Bond action scenes.


After earning 00 titles and a license to kill, James Bond embarks on his first mission as a secret Agent 007. Agent Bond must defeat a banker funding terrorists in a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale, Montenegro.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
8802006Action, Adventure, Thrill

5. The Grand


An improvisational comedy directed by Zak Penn, The Grand is one of the best gambling movies. The plot is about how a single tournament can change someone’s whole life, and anyone can win in a casino event.

The movie reflects the Poker boom era, the ridiculous time in Poker history, in a bizarre and fun way. During the spike of the Poker Boom, a documentary crew of colleagues entered “The Grand,” a winner-take-all-tournament, following several players; what would happen next? We are not spoiling the ending here; gear up and give it a watch!


The movie is about characters competing in a 10,000,000 poker tournament at the Golden Nugget.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre

6. Shade


The thriller poker movie featuring 5-Card Draw is set in the world of poker cheaters and Vegas martini bars. The plot revolves around a bunch of hustlers who set up a high-stakes poker game, but things don’t go as per plans, and they have mob enforcers breathing down their noses, looking to retrieve all the wealth.

Shade is a quality flick in all parameters. Without giving any spoilers, be it cinematography, plot twists, or the best poker scenes this movie rules.

This Casino poker movie is worth a couple of hours of your time since poker scenes are pretty realistic and not imaginary, and this will keep you at the edge of your seat until the final scene.


A group of hustlers created an elaborate plan to defeat the legend of poker named “The Dean” and pull off a successful sting that results in their pursuit by a vengeful gangster. The poker movie comes with more action and suspense thrown into the mix.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
6.3402003Crime, Thrill

7. Deal


One of the controversial movies on the list, Deal, is a decent poker flick if you enjoy the game. The cast is Burt Reynolds (Tommy) and Bret Harrison (Alex).

The movie follows the story of Tommy Vinson, a former player who’s seen great potential in a hot-shot law student, Alex Stillman. Tommy tries to teach young Alex tricks and strategies to take on the poker world and make a lot of money in the process, and in return for his lessons and putting him in the tournaments, Tommy expects half of Alex’s winnings. This movie is recommended for hardcore poker fans.


As long you keep your expectations realistic, the movie is worth a couple of hours. A former wagerer teaches a hot-shot college kid some things about playing cards; he finds himself pulled into the world of poker, where his protégé is his toughest competition.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
5.3352008Comedy, Drama

8. Lucky You


One of the best movies in the list of ten best movies about Poker, has met mixed criticism from pokie fans.

Lucky You narrates the story of Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) and L.C. Cheever (Robert Duvall). Huck, L.C. ’s son, is looking to make it in the poker world, but he lives in the shadow of his father (Robert Duvall), an even bigger superstar poker player. The father and the son have a very complicated relationship, as Huck has never forgiven L.C. for leaving his mother.

The two later arrive in Vegas to compete in the same tournament. Huck uses Poker as a medium to restore back his broken family relationship.

The movie is more Poker centric than restoring melodramatic family relationships. So Lucky You is recommended to watch at least once.


It is a fun movie with scenes showing a hot-shot poker player trying to win a tournament in Vegas but fighting a losing game with his personal problems.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
5.9492007Drama, Romance, Sport

9. All In: The Poker Movie


This documentary is made by Filmmaker Douglas Tirola. It is different than movies in the ten best movies about Poker list. Because it goes through the factors that made poker famous, it also answers why many consider playing pokies the best way to chase “The American Dream.”

If you are a budding poker player, this movie is a must-watch. It covers everything from poker history to the rising and fall of poker. If there is something you must watch to know about poker, it’s All In: The Poker Movie.


Documentary explaining why poker, one of America’s oldest games, has had a revival recently and why it is the means for many people to pursue the American Dream.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre

10. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story


This movie holds #10 in our ten best poker movies. The movie comes with an extraordinary true story! Stu “The Kid” Ungar, his name has marked an entire era in the gambling world.

The movie tells tales about the rise and fall of “The Kid,” who dominated the gambling industry before his unfortunate demise; from playing Gin Rummy in the early days to leveraging to Texas Hold’em, plenty of cards are being played in the movie.

Stu Ungar’s story is worth watching and great learnings from his life, his self-destructive personality, and his poker greatness makes it a great flick.


The story of legend Stuey Ungar, a gambler by the age of 10 who won millions playing card games; his career was abruptly stopped as he died at the age of 45, having won five WSOP bracelets up to that point.
IMBD RatingMetascoreReleasedGenre
62003Biography, Drama

Final Thoughts:

Poker became so popular that many poker-centric films were released in the late 1900s and early 2000s. Great poker movies don’t always focus on the glamorous side that the pokies come with; in fact, the ones we have listed are more about experiences and hurdles they have faced on tables.

As said, there is someone for everyone and something for everything! You see, in the list of ten best movies about Poker, you have plenty of choices, so you should pick something interesting from this.

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What is the best poker movie of all time?

In our verdict, Rounders hold this position which stood all the test of time and held the title of the best poker movie.

What are the best gambling movies?

As per our expert review covering all the poker-based movies, we list Rounders, Maverick, The Cincinnati Kid, Casino Royale, The Grand, Shade, Deal, Lucky You, All In: The Poker Movie, and High Roller: The Stuey Ungar as the best movies based on gambling.

Is Rounders a good poker movie?

Rounders is regarded as the best poker movie and is undoubtedly worth the hype and covers aspects beyond poker, such as love, friendship, loyalty, and self-confidence.

Why are Poker players called Rounders?

The term Rounders basically refers to someone who travels from city to city seeking high-stakes card games.

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