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Another interesting roulette game is on the way. To play a new exciting roulette game, read our detailed immersive roulette review.

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This Immersive roulette review talks about immersive Roulette by Evolution, a premium quality table game that can haul the players into action. Anyone who loves playing table games should give it a try.

Are you someone new to roulette games? Immersive roulette will turn your first experience into the best experience.

Being one of the most popular uniquely different table games, it is known for drawing new players into the site every minute.

With many Hollywood-style cameras, this sophisticated Live Roulette variation brings players “up close” to the action.

Let's get into the Immersive roulette review

It’s getting interesting every minute. So, Let’s get into the Immersive roulette review. We played this game as fellow players and shared our thoughts for your better understanding of the game.

Okay, Let’s start with our immersive roulette review without much fuss.

What is Immersive Roulette?

In this Immersive roulette review, we will cover everything about this roulette version. Starting right from the basics. Let’s start with what Immersive Roulette is?

Every single minute a new game is getting launched in the online casino. Whether they have a good feature or not, they are entering the casino anyway, meeting the sound quality. But we players can only spend our time on some twit games.

We always have this question in our minds while trying a new game. Is this worth a try? Yup, Immersive Roulette is worth your money and time. Even though it also has some flaws and disadvantages. Once start playing, you’ll succumb for definite.

The ostentatious brief! Let’s jump into some information!!

It was launched in 2014 as one of the variations of live online Roulette by the team Evolution. Evolution Gaming is known for producing some irresistible games and casinos. If you have ever played Bollywood roulette, Live European Roulette, and Speed roulette and wondered how masterly engineered those games were, then the fame goes to Evolution gaming.

Hollywood-style multiple cameras with 200 frames per second HD footage are used in Immersive Roulette. Therefore, it will bring you quite close to the action. You can see every ball movement as the live dealer spins the wheel.

Every time the ball touches the wheel, the camera records a slow-motion replay of the event. The game is called “Immersive” for this reason.

And you can also use this game to make friends and socialize yourself. Immersive Roulette also allows you to chat with other players like any casino game.

At a Glance :

Evolution Gaming
Special Feature
Best Visuals
Peek Rule
200 Frames Per Second

So, what are the best online casinos providing Immersive Roulette?

So, what are the best online casinos providing Immersive Roulette

This immersive roulette review also list out the casinos and guides you to the best ones available.

You might play Immersive Roulette at many casinos because of their extensive internet. However, they all have characteristics and perks that need to be clarified.

However, because I was hoping you could start with an excellent welcome bonus and payouts, I’m offering various casinos here in addition to my favourite, Winspinbet, where I was given a 500-dollar welcome bonus with no deposit. They have an engaging UI than most of the established online casinos. They also offer free spins you can gain by reaching a certain level in any game. To know more about the casino, visit their site.

Play without any hassles and win in the below best casinos:

Casinos Payout Percentage Payout Timing No of Games
Betway Casino 96.7% 1-2 days 630+
Leo Vegas 97.63% 2-5 days 1600+
Oshi Casino 95.5% 1-3 days 2000+
Platinum Play 95.85% 2-3 days 600
WinSpinBet 200+

What are the Features of Immersive Roulette by Evolution?

You may read more about the unique aspects of Immersive Roulette in this section of our immersive roulette review. Immersive Roulette has an HD broadcast and excellent audio, just like all of Evolution’s live games.

There is always the option to reduce the quality using the available settings if your computer cannot handle the pictures. Otherwise, you’re going to enjoy yourself. Also worth mentioning is the entertaining “Chat with Dealer” option; some dealers are talkative and will undoubtedly lighten the mood for you.

Video Quality:

Know about the video quality of this game in our immersive roulette review. Latvia’s capital Riga is home to Evolution Gaming’s primary studio. This one is the bigger of the two leading European studios Evolution Gaming runs. Malta is where the other one is situated. Immersive Roulette is filmed in these two studios, with Riga as the location for most games.

From these studios, the game is live-streamed using a dozen cameras at various angles. HD footage at 200 frames per second is used for all shots. You can see from this how high-quality the video is that Immersive Roulette boasts.

Players can track the ball from each vantage point while the wheel spins. Therefore, even if you visited an authentic offline casino, you would not be able to reproduce this experience.

This results from the game’s crucial moments being displayed in slow motion. This increases the excitement of playing Immersive Roulette and transforms the entire roulette experience into an extraordinary spectacle.

Game-Specific Features:

  • This game is well known for its unique-multi camera visuals. Unlike many games, they also offer slow-motion replay features.
  • They enabled HD viewing options. So you can view the roulette wheel at 200 frames per second.
  • A zooming option helps you to see the ball spinning on the wheel. This will give you a real-time experience of playing a table game in the casino.
  • You can play each game for 60 seconds.


  • Award-winning game
  • Slow motion replay
  • Multiple cameras
  • Available 24/7
  • Friendly live dealers
  • HD streams


  • No free demo
  • Slow pace game

What are the Rules, RTP, and Payouts of Immersive Roulette?

What are the Rules, RTP, and Payouts of Immersive Roulette

Any games that you would like to play have their own rules and strategies. It would help if you did not think it is indifferent and there is no need to know about it. But it is mandatory to start any game. Not only rules but also RTP and payouts.

Here I’m with my first-hand experience to share my knowledge with you in this Immersive Roulette review.


Playing Evolution Gaming’s Immersive Roulette is similar to any other online roulette game. You place your wagers based on your prediction of where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

These are the procedures to adhere to when playing.

  • Choose one or more of the casino chips with values ranging from 1, 2, 5, 25, 100, and 500. Then, drag and drop the chips to the spots where you want to place your bets.
  • Chips may be positioned on as many betting spots as desired. But keep in mind that you have a deadline to meet.
  • One euro is the minimum, and ten thousand is the maximum bet.
  • The ball rests after the wheel automatically spins. You can view the winning numbers once the ball has landed inside a pocket.
  • Following payouts, the following round automatically begins.


A straight-up bet results in the best possible win. Due to the requirement that you must choose the correct number, the odds of winning are low. However, even if you are successful, it will pay 35:1, so it might be worthwhile. The following other inside wagers pay: A split is 17:1, a street is 11:1, a corner is 8:1, and a line is 5:1. Columns and a dozen pay 2:1 on outside bets, however red/black, even/odd, and high/low only pay 1:1. Immersive Roulette has a 97.30% RTP.


In immersive Roulette, payouts differ for every bet you choose to wag. I’ll list payout percentages for some of the bets I waged while playing the game.

Bets Payouts
Double Street 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Zero 35:1
Odd/Even 1:1
Color 1:1


Immersive Roulette by Evolution was a popular real-time experience game. The HD premium game watching and zooming features would have made you stop weaning on the old game and try this impeccable Roulette of time.

Evolution slickly produced the game. And if you are very fussy about payouts and RTP of the games. Then you can choose this game blindfolded.

This immersive roulette review has presented you with all the necessary information. You can play how much you want but always be careful about the money you wager. Only bet what you could afford to lose.

I hope you liked this Immersive Roulette review, I tried my best to cover the most crucial aspects of the game.

Happy Gambling!!


What is Immersive Roulette?

Unquestionably, one of Evolution’s best innovations, Immersive Roulette, is one of the best in software development. With this live roulette variation in the Holywood style, you may closely monitor the ball’s movement and become engrossed in the action.

The game is incredibly well-liked and has outstanding graphics, and you can play Immersive Roulette at many reputable online casino sites. Know everything in detail by reading our Immersive Roulette review.

What does Immersive Roulette RTP stand for?

The regulations of the Immersive Roulette game are similar to those of European Roulette, but there is also a little additional. For instance, the RTP for Immersive Roulette is 97.3%, which is very high. You can take advantage of the high return-to-player rate along with other game benefits, such as HD streaming with numerous camera perspectives.

How can Immersive Roulette be defeated?

There is no specific method for success because this is an unhackable game of chance. Your best bet would be to experiment with various progressive betting strategies based on your bankroll size and use Immersive Roulette’s capabilities.

Are virtual roulette rigged?

No, it’s  not. Roulette isn’t rigged. The casinos doesn’t need to rig the game to make their money.

What is the safest roulette bet?

When compared to other progressive roulette systems like the Martingale, the Fibonacci strategy is one of the safest bets. The Fibonacci sequence can provide you with some victories while being fairly safe to utilize.

What is the most profitable bet on roulette?

One of the most popular and effective roulette techniques is the Martingale, which is also quite easy to use. It can only be used for outside wagers, which are those with odds of almost 50% and excluding 0.

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