Top 9 Tips for Winning a Online Scratch Card

Top 9 Tips for Winning a Online Scratch Card

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Do you want to give $1 and get a chance to win a million? You are not alone. We all want to. Scratch cards are the way to achieve that. But the question is how to win the Jackpot using scratch cards. Scratch cards are easy to play, fun, and affordable. 

While it is almost impossible to guarantee a win, there are ways you can increase your chances of doing so.

But first, let’s see the types of online scratch cards you can play.

Type of online scratch card

You can find different types of scratch cards. Here are some scratch cards that you can find on the internet.

  • Casino scratch cards: You can play this type of scratch card on online casino websites. The themes of these cards differ from each other. For example, you can find scratch cards online slots like Irish Eyes 2.
  • Bingo scratch cards: In this type of card, you have to scratch the card to unveil the number. They are played in a similar manner as Bingo. After finding the number, you will win if you see a line or a winning combination formed. 
  • Licensed scratch cards: They are also known as branded scratch cards. These cards are usually based on TV series or movies like Rocky.
  • Lottery scratch cards: These cards feature a jackpot prize. Some of the profits from these kinds of tickets are given to charities or other good causes. 
  • Scratch card games: Scratch cards games offer users a chase to win big rewards. Here, the users win the prize if the matching symbols are found. You can also find jackpot games and some additional bonuses. 
  • Animated Scratch cards: These types of scratch cards have animations and graphics, which makes the cards more exciting to play.

How do online scratch cards work?

How do online scratch cards work

You may wonder how you will play scratch cards online as you don’t have to scratch physically. However, it is rather very simple. You need to click the “reveal” button to find the symbols hidden underneath.

But if you can’t take the suspense anymore, you can click on the “scratch all” button which will reveal all the scratch cards you have at the same time. Online scratch cards feature a random number generator that ensures all the numbers are completely random.

One big advantage of playing scratch cards online is that you don’t have to go anywhere, and the process of playing is much faster. Another advantage is that you can win the biggest rewards that may not even be in your country. 

Online scratch cards offer additional bonuses and jackpot prizes over traditional cards. You will also find multipliers and wild symbols you need to create the winning combination. Also, online Scratch cards feature themes and engaging animations that are much more interesting than looking at a plain scratch card. 

Top scratch card games in Canada

There are many scratch card games in Canada that you can play to win exciting rewards. You can try the following games:

  • Merlin’s Millions Scratch: Merlin’s Millions Scratch is an excellent game for players wishing to play scratch cards. This game features immersive graphics and has a crazy wizard called Merlin. The max amount you can win is 1,000 x of your bet. When you match 3 ORB symbols together, you receive five free scratches.
  • Gorilla Go Wild Scratch: This game features a theme set in the jungle. You get a chance to win a big payout and ten free spins. In Gorilla Go Wild Scratch, the spins provide prizes up to 3,000 of your bet.
  • Foxin Wins scratch: This is quite a straightforward scratch where you can win 1,000x of your bet. This game also features a bonus round where you can double your winnings.
  • Luxor Scratch: This game features an Egyptian theme. You will also find multipliers along with a 50,000x Jackpot. 
  • A Nightmare on the Elm Street Scratch: This scratch card is based on the famous horror movie of the same name. You will find various bonuses like wilds, scatter, and a 10,000x maximum win. 
  • Call of the Colosseum Scratch: You will feel as though you are in ancient Rome and see the gladiators fight in the Colosseum when you play this scratch. You can win up to 1,000 of your bet. 

Top tips for winning a scratch card

Top tips for winning a scratch card

While one may think that when it comes to winning a lottery, it all comes down to luck, they are not entirely wrong. But we have certain tips that you should incorporate to increase the odds of winning. 

Don’t go for the cheapest one

With a number of scratch cards available, it has become harder to choose which one to go for. You can buy scratch cards of various brands, prizes, and designs. You might want to buy the cheapest one, but we advise you not to do that. The price of the scratch cards is less because they have a small prize pool.

The winning odds are lower than tickets on a higher prize pool. So, we advise you to buy that.

Do your research

When it comes to scratch cards, you want to ensure you know all the details about them. Scratch card experts always look for patterns like symbols, combinations, or numbers. 

While some patterns could have been found before, manufacturers are now more aware of them and have started looking to ensure that players cannot find any patterns. However, a few people might still find some. It is a strategy that you can look into.

Set a Budget 

When it comes to gambling, be it online or offline, it is fun, but you can get carried away easily. To prevent that, You need to make sure to play within the limit. It is essential for your financial safety. So, it is necessary to set a budget and follow it. 

This may not increase your odds of winning, but it will ensure you don’t lose your hard-earned money. You can create a weekly or monthly budget according to the amount you want to spend on gambling. 

Give priority to higher RTP scratch card games

Find games with higher RTP or Return to Player. RTP means the percentage at which a slot game pays back the player throughout multiple spins. RTP is usually calculated in percentage.

While it is not certain that you will win a jackpot, you could win smaller prizes that are definitely better than nothing. In addition, with smaller wins, you can gain experience, which will be helpful for your future scratches. 

Play the free version

As unreal as it sounds, you can actually play scratch cards online before using your real money. This will better help you to understand the rules and good before you invest in real money. 

You can try out different scratch cards and select the one which suits you the best. 

Buy more

This one is basic. You cannot expect to get the Jackpot with just one ticket. You need to buy more than one to up your odds. Keep in mind this will not ensure your victory but will help your chances. 

However, purchase the tickets according to your budget. You don’t want to overspend on the tickets.

Don’t worry about losing

When it comes to sports or gambling, winning and losing are inevitable. But you must remember that this game has a significant factor: Luck. You might have spent a lot of money on those scratch cards, but you may still be losing. 

Keep your emotions separate from the game. If you are losing, relax and stick to your strategy. Scratch cards are also about having fun. 

Keep your old cards

You may throw away your cards soon after you realize you lost. But you can retain them and organize them by date. This is a great way to keep track of the cards that you have purchased.

Keeping the cards will help you check whether you have not forgotten about the winning ticket. In addition, you can track the results that you got from a particular card and decide whether it is worth buying again. 

Use the bonus money 

Almost all casinos offer money in the form of a welcome bonus. You can use the same money to invest in scratch cards. Why waste such an opportunity? 

You can also use the money from the special promotions for online scratch cards. 

Parting tip

So, those tips can be used next time you play scratch cards to increase the odds of winning. But, of course, luck plays an important part when it comes to scratch cards. 

So, follow these tips, keep your fingers crossed, and we hope you win.

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What are some best online scratch cards I can play online?

Here are some of the online scratch cards you can play

  • Merlin Millions
  • Wish upon a Jackpot
  • Gorilla Go Wild Scratch
  • Foxin Wins Scratch
  • A Nightmare on the Elm Street Scratch

Are online scratch cards safe?

Yes, as long as you play scratch cards on a legitimate platform. 

Can I play online scratch cards for free?

You can play scratch cards for free. Many casino websites offer you free scratch cards, which you can use to win huge jackpots.

How does an online scratch card works?

When you receive a scratch card, click on the “reveal” symbol, and see the combination of symbols. Now you can check out the winning combination to see if you have won. 

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